Santa Monte - Close-up cards

Santa Monte - Close-up cards

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A marvellous pocket trick that can be performed at Christmas or anytime of the year.

You show your audience four festive picture cards. One is Santa and the other three are Christmas trees. One Christmas tree is placed protruding from your pocket and Father Christmas is mixed in with the other two trees.

Your spectators try to pick out the Santa card when the cards are faces down but they simply cannot find it, instead they get a Christmas tree every time.

Where is Santa Claus?

When the protruding card is taken from your pocket it amazingly proves to be the missing Santa and the other three are Christmas trees!

Cards can now be left for examination, very easy to do requiring no skill.

Comes with special laminated picture cards (approx 3.75 x 2.75”, 9.75 x 6.75cms) & instructions.

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