Santa Has Vanished, Christmas Cancelled - JUMBO size cards

Santa Has Vanished, Christmas Cancelled - JUMBO size cards

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This routine is wonderful both at Christmas & anytime of the year, I have used it for all age groups from children to pensioners.

You show four picture cards, one is of Father Christmas and the other three are Christmas trees.

Two cards are turned with their faces down and your audience guesses which face down card is Santa, but they simply cannot find him, instead they get a Christmas tree every time, the Christmas trees are slowly rejected leaving just two face down cards, despite this no one is able to pick out the Santa card and because Santa has vanished without a trace you announce Christmas is cancelled!

Where on earth can Santa have got too, and, more importantly, can he be found in time?

Eventually Santa can turn up to loud cheers hiding in your inside jacket pocket or some other unlikely spot in the room, so Christmas is on again, hurrah!

Available in Jumbo-sized (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20 x 14.5cms). Very easy to do requiring no skill.

Comes with the set of special laminated picture cards & instructions.

Post Free within the UK for a limited period.

Only £14.99

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