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Tikka-Tikka is perfect for the close-up and walkabout entertainer & has a baffling method that is easy to do and is quickly re-set.

You place a regular playing card face down as your prediction card. Then explain that several other cards are involved in the effect which you had previously performed for a lady, you asked her to cut the packet in any way she wished, unfortunately for you, she took a pair of scissors from her handbag and cut all the cards into halves, you show several faces down half-cards.

Two spectators each select a different half-card, and these are laid face upwards alongside each other where it is seen that they exactly match each other forming a full card, let’s say they are halves of the Queen of Hearts.

Anyone turns over your face down prediction card and it is seen to be an exact match. As your audience suspect the remaining half-cards are all the same as the matching prediction card, the other half-cards are now turned face upwards to show they really DO match each other, but all of them prove to be completely blank!

A stunning climax and a real applause-puller. All the cards can now be left for the audience to examine to their heart’s content. Tikka-Tikka is always ready to perform, no matter what the occasion.

Comes complete with prediction card, Tikka-Tikka half-cards & instructions.

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