Rose Magic - Table Hopping Pro Size pictures

Rose Magic - Table Hopping Pro Size pictures

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Based on our item ‘Magician, Top Hat & Rabbit’ we now produced this effect with romantic ROSE pictures.

Only three cards are used, they are openly counted from hand to hand and they are each shown as black & white pictures of roses. Rubbing the three pictures on your sleeve or on green silk you now show all three flowers have suddenly got a green stem & leaves – but still with a white bloom.

Another magical rub on your sleeve or a red silk and you show that each picture now has a vividly coloured red rose.

Finally, as your climax, you now show the three different pictures have magically changed back again, one has a plain black & white picture, the second a white-headed rose with green stem & leaves and the third a picture of a beautiful red rose!

Rose Magic is the ideal effect to carry in your pocket as it is always ready to perform – only three cards are used, and these can be passed for examination at the finish.

Looks for all the world like clever skilful handling of the cards but no sleight of hand or lengthy practice is required. You will be performing this romantic effect ten minutes after opening the packet – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Comes complete with Table Hopping pro size laminated picture cards & instructions.

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