Drinks Galore

Drinks Galore

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Drinks Galore is the perfect item to carry in your wallet to perform at the pub or out with friends.

You show several pocket-sized picture cards each with an image of a different drink like Whisky and Champagne with a smart barman pictured on their backs.

You also have two separate cards that invitingly offer your pals to ‘Please choose your drink’, the drinks picture cards are mixed and dealt individually face down until your friend calls stop and the first ‘Choose your drink’ card is inserted in the drinks deck at this point. This is repeated for the second “Choose your drink’ card and then each of your friends take the drink picture card that is on top of their ‘Choose your drink’ card.

However, you can now show both selected drinks are not what your pals hoped for, in a clever and guaranteed laughter-provoking manner both selected beverages turn out to be non-alcoholic, one being milk and the other plain drinking water. The rest of the drink cards are spread out across the table and each one of them is a different colourful and sometimes an exotic alcoholic tipple. It’s obvious you have cleverly led both your friends up the garden path leaving them with no option than be a sport and buy you a drink!

Drinks Galore makes a nice change from the usual playing cards tricks and requires no sleight of hand, it is also surprisingly easy to do.

Comes with twenty-five laminated cards (2.5 x 3.5”) & instructions.

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