Seven Deadly Sins - Table Hopping Pro Approx A6) size cards

Seven Deadly Sins - Table Hopping Pro Approx A6) size cards

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The concept of Seven Deadly Sins are largely accepted in many religious communities but here we use them as an entertaining prediction that you can either slant to Christian magic or use them with a tongue in cheek Horror-style theme.

You show seven pictures drawing attention that they are based on the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins with the opportunity to clean our stained souls.

A spectator is allowed to indicate which cards should be eliminated one by one, until only one Deadly Sin is left - who present could be guilty of this sin?

The participant himself turns over the chosen sin card to discover a large green tick on its back, perhaps representing proof of forgiveness or more simply as your prediction.

But the spectators are not convinced for they have not seen the backs of the other picture cards, perhaps they ALL have a green tick.

When they turn over the other cards each one has a bold letter on it – correctly spelling out the name of the selected sin!

• A stunning prediction climax
• Easy to do and totally baffling
• Perform it close-up, parlour or on television
• Everything can be left for examination
• Perfect for religious groups

Available in your choice of close-up sized (4 x 2.75 inches), Or Table Hopping Pro (A6) size cards laminated picture cards & instructions.

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