Perfumia - Table Hopping Pro Size (A6) Cards

Perfumia - Table Hopping Pro Size (A6) Cards

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In this intriguing effect you are able to demonstrate your ability to detect the names of a variety of perfumes, not by their smell but with your strongly developed magic sensibility!
You show eight cards each of which has a different scent bottle and name pictured on them. The cards are thoroughly mixed and then held behind your back for a spectator to freely select any one of them (no force) and to hold it in their hand face down behind your back. You then simply touch the back of the selected perfume card with the tip of your forefinger and pretend to dab a little of the scent behind your ears– immediately you can announce the name of the selected perfume!
Now please remember this happens behind your back with no chance of your seeing either the face or the back of the selected perfume card.
And no you are not just guessing; you can correctly repeat the effect again and again, and the trick becomes more and more amazing each time you do it.
In fact, the spectator can hold the selected perfume card between their palms and you touch with your forefinger just the back of one of their hands and then a delicate sniff of the end of your finger and you can still name the freely chosen scent. A truly remarkable baffler that is very easy to do. No sleights, magnets, secret marks, secret scents or skill required.
This will become one of your favourite effects suitable for close-up or small audiences. Everyone will want to get involved, the ladies love it!
Comes with the printed cards laminated to give you a lifetime’s service, instructions and several variations that you will use often, including Eddie’s stunning climax effect! Complete & ready for you to perform immediately.

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