Correct Card - Table hopping Pro size (A6) cards

Correct Card - Table hopping Pro size (A6) cards

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Just Like That!
You say to your audience, “Tommy Cooper was a very funny man indeed, but he was also a clever magician, would you all like to see one of his favourite tricks?” How can any audience refuse an opening like that?
You show a A6 laminated playing card peeping back out of either half an envelope or your pocket. Someone chooses a card from a pack and calls out its name; let’s say they call the Two of Hearts.
Removing the card from the envelope or your pocket still showing its back to the audience at its base is revealed the single word ‘CORRECT’. And to exaggerate you call out in your best Tommy Cooper manner, “The Two of Spades – correct!” The gag is that you don’t show the face of the card.
Following the laugh this always brings you ask, “Can you all remember Tommy’s catch phrase?” Audience members are sure to call out, “Just like that!” As they do you turn the card around saying, “Well here is Tommy with the Two of Spades – just like that!” And sure enough on the opposite side of the prediction card is a picture of Tommy Cooper, the Two of Spades and his catch phrase Just Like That in bold print beneath it!
If you can force a card (and if you cannot we include a good force in the instructions) then you can perform this very funny trick in your next show; ideal for close-up & small audiences. Use your own regular pack of cards.
The double-sided picture cards that we supply are A6 size and we send you TWO different cards one showing the Two of Spades and for your repeat performances a second extra card showing the Eight of Hearts.

Perfect for table-hopping, a great comedy idea and a tribute to the memory of a truly iconic magical entertainer Tommy Cooper!

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