The ABC of Mentalism - Close-up size cards

The ABC of Mentalism - Close-up size cards

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With a set of these children’s ABC learning cards you can perform a bewildering number of truly exciting mentalism – suitable for both children and adults’ shows.

Each colourful large card has a letter of the alphabet and a simple drawing of an animal or other appropriate object, pictured upon it. With their aid you can read minds perform predictions reproducing pictures and letters and even secretly created words!

The cards are not marked in any way and can be shown as well mixed. Knowledgeable magicians may examine them without discovering the subtle secret.

The ideal effect for close-up, cabaret or stage shows and invaluable for walkabout. Very easy to do, it’s as simple as ABC!

Comes with a packet of twenty-six close-up sized professionally produced alphabet cards & instructions.

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