Thought Interception by Eddie Joseph

Thought Interception by Eddie Joseph

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This is an item that you can carry in your pocket for close-up work at a party or around the bar. Eddie Joseph has used it for many years to good advantage. It can be used for club & stage presentations as well. It is also suitable as a demonstration of thought transference between performer and assistant.

You proceed to demonstrate in a straightforward and most convincing manner that you can intercept anyone’s thought from the stars. The effect in every case is about the same but presentation differs according to circumstances.

Suppose you are seated at a bar with a friend or newspaper reporter. Ask them to empty their pockets and lay the contents on the counter or table. Any number of articles from five to thirty can be used. Ask them to think of one of these articles without looking at its direction lest his eyes give him away

You then bring out your business card with the usual printing on one side name address etc. On the reverse side is the Starology Chart. The simply bears the names and symbols of five major planets with letters of the alphabet in different columns, explaining that the chart is to help him to concentrate. The subject looks down the columns and answer YES or NO if it contains the initial letter of his article. Without a second lost you immediately pick up the article he has in mind!

Alternatively, he can think of someone present; and you can immediately tell him that person’s name. Or a list of objects is made, and several people think of different ones, and you can correctly reveal them all.

Many variations are possible words, colours, names, numbers, articles all can be named even if the performer is blindfolded.

Once you understand the clever system and the working secret, you will be able to use this idea in many, many ways.

All is revealed in our fascinating 9-page booklet by Eddie Joseph.

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