Colour Changing Ice-cream

Colour Changing Ice-cream

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Ice-cream is popular at any time of the year, parties wouldn’t be the same without it and in summer how would we cope if it wasn’t available.

You can cash in on its popularity with this entertaining effect suitable for all ages.

Show a laminated placard with a lemon flavoured ice-cream cornet on it, explaining that at this moment you would prefer a raspberry flavour ice topping. Pass the plaque behind your back and claim that you have magically changed the flavour – showing the ice cream is now RED.

Further explain that by passing it behind your back you can magically change it back to lemon and as you are speaking you do so. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

This change from one ice-cream picture to another makes the audience very suspicious causing great excitement especially with the younger children.

You now engage in all the comedy business of not understanding that the audience wishes to see the opposite side of the plaque, but when eventually you show it; everyone is in for a big surprise, lots of laughter and wonderment!

Reasons to buy: Easy to do. Takes up no room in your briefcase. Always ready to perform. Loads of audience participation. Low-cost Colourful & visual. * Cannot fail.

Comes complete with A5 sized plaque & instructions.

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