Look Beyond ESP

Look Beyond ESP

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When Len Belcher first developed the terrific idea of multiple-choice ESP just after the second World War, he chose to release it through Kingtrix of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent (a company that I was associated with); and it wasn’t long before magic dealers worldwide were claiming it as their invention.

Belcher’s prediction was limited to three cards, pictures or objects and soon there were many unauthorised versions marketed, using up to eight such items. The difficulty was remembering which prediction matched the spectator’s selection, which was especially stressful under the pressure of performance.

I wanted a method using five ESP symbols, the traditional circle, cross, wavy line, square and star to feature in my mentalism routine and with Belcher’s help and further assistance from Billy Day the following easy to perform and remember routine was born.

The effect is very straight forward: You display five ESP symbol cards in a row and your spectator chooses just one of them in a very fair and straightforward manner, let’s say he selects the Star. Your prediction that has been on show from the start of your performance is freely and instantly shown and proves to be the STAR!

A startling and certain magic effect just as Len Belcher intended it to be! We have incorporated his initials as the first two letters in the name of this item: Look Beyond ESP as a little tribute. Utterly bewildering; a true professional routine using table-hopping sized laminated cards. Easy to do and sold at a sensible price.

Comes complete with ESP table-hopping sized cards (approx 4.75 x 3.5”, 12 x 8.5cms), folder, envelope & instructions.

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