Chocolate Just Chance

Chocolate Just Chance

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I have always tried to feature a ‘Just Chance’ routine in my shows since, as a young boy, I purchased Tom Sellers’ original Just Chance Tray from Paul Clive’s Witchcraft shop, which used to be situated on the North Pier at Blackpool. This was a wooden type of prop, but its main fault was that it was a bit heavy to lug around from show to show.

Eventually I changed to a method I read in Trixy Magazine published by the Boys’ Magic Service in North Wales. The snag was that you had to use five envelopes and four members of the audience and since I usually gave each loser a small conciliation prize it soon became rather an expensive act!

By the time I was performing it whilst doing my military service I had reduced it to three envelopes, but also became more sensitive to the fact that I was sending my two helpers away rather disappointed.

It was suggested by a good friend that I cut the participants down to one person who would win a yummy bar of chocolate; then I would show that the two envelopes left each contained banknotes as the climax, this plan was readily adopted by me, and while since then I have tried a variety of methods I have always returned to this very simple staging. It is this presentation that I am outlining in this 4-page manuscript I am offering here.

Comes with three unfaked envelopes & two large fake banknotes (approx 6.5 x 3.5”, 16.5 x 8.5cms), use your own bar of chocolate.

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