ESP Roulette

ESP Roulette

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Based on an interesting principle by Mistunabu Matsuyama and Hiroshi Kondo this has proven a winner.

You place a prediction envelope containing a single ESP card in full view and then show several table-hopping sized laminated cards which have different ESP symbols upon them – no extra cards are involved.

You intend to play a game of ESP roulette with a spectator; each of you in turn will turn a card face upwards – until only one symbol is face down which will be the winning target card.

The cards are shuffled, and your game starts by the spectator choosing a number and then turning over the card at this number, your turn and you must use the same number chosen by the spectator and you turn a different symbol face upwards.

To make the game more interesting, money can be involved, and the spectator wins a small amount at the beginning – only to lose when the predicted symbol appears at his freely chosen number and exactly matches your earlier prediction.
At this dramatic moment they have lost everything!

Comes complete with nine laminated ESP cards (approx 5.75 x 3.25”, 14.25 x 8.5cms) symbol cards & instructions.

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