Pick a Dream Girl - pocket size cardsd

Pick a Dream Girl - pocket size cardsd

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Pick a Dream Girl is available in two handy card sizes so that you may choose either close-up or table-hopping pro size.

You introduce six picture cards each depicting a beautiful young woman. Your spectator (perhaps a gentleman from the audience) freely selects his favourite dream girl picture card, which is then removed (no force) by your participant who holds the card picture side uppermost in his own hands.

You then show that all the other cards have a check tick on their backs indicating that they have all been checked out of play.

The gentleman now turns his card face up to find that his choice of dream girl has been predicted by you with a large red X on its back!

The prediction is always different at each performance, no special skill required. Free choice of any Dream Girl, choose the card size you prefer, easy to do. Dream Girl pictures may vary from those shown. All are in good taste.

Comes with six laminated cards in two different sizes for you to choose from: POCKET size (approx 3.5 x 2.5”), and Table-hopping size Pro size & instructions.

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