Day of the Vampire

Day of the Vampire

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You show several picture cards of beautiful young ladies front and back and invite a gentleman to have a blind dinner date with one of them, making his choice solely by chance.

With the pictures in his own hands, faces down, he rejects various cards in a straightforward manner one-by-one until he holds the last picture with the gorgeous girl picture face down.

Warning him about going on blind dinner dates, you explain that many men are very cautious about such events, in case their date proves to be a witch, a man-poisoner, a manhater or some such person, you invite the gentleman to turn the picture over so everyone can view his choice.

Incredibly his chosen picture turns out to be a scary white-as-death Vampire with hypnotic eyes, evil red lips and with suspicious-looking spots of blood about her face. You suddenly realise this day is the Day of the Vampire - the evil vampire was not among the shown pictures and seems to have appeared as if by magic!

No skill required; no sleights used. Pictures can be left for examination at the finish. This chilling trick is great for Halloween and is just as effective at any time of the year.

Comes complete with six table-hopping sized laminated picture cards (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14 x 10cms) & instructions.

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