Mentalists Symbol Deck

Mentalists Symbol Deck

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Here we have a packet of 12 different symbols similar & including the usual ESP signs but giving your much more scope.

We give you three stunning effects that you will perform frequently with these table-hopping sized laminated symbol cards you will soon be using them to perform many more routines.

No marked cards, in fact the cards have BLANK backs, and you can point this out to your audience. Despite the cards being unmarked you can immediately describe any freely chosen symbol face-down by a member of your audience.

Also, three signs can be taken and whilst your back is turned they are placed individually by a spectator into different pockets, incredibly you correctly not only describe or duplicate on an artist’s blank pad each symbol in turn but furthermore reveal which symbol is inside which of the participant’s pockets. With a little showmanship this can be a showstopper in your performances.

Or have the twelve signs cut and mixed and you openly write two predictions and have them sealed in envelopes. A spectator then deals the cards faces down and stops at any point which is then marked, then he continues dealing more symbols face down and again stops at a second point.

The two ESP cards at the points stopped at are shown and any spectator opens your two prediction envelopes taking out the two folded predictions (no switch). When the two predictions are revealed, both exactly match the two symbol cards so fairly stopped at!

Comes complete with 12 laminated ESP Cards (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14 x 10cms) & instructions.

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