Halloween Monster

Halloween Monster

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A marvellous entertaining trick with a different theme that can be performed at Halloween or anytime of the year.

You show your audience three picture cards. One is the Halloween Monster who is always eating the other Halloween Pumpkins, and the other two are brave Halloween Pumpkins, who are out to end the Monsters reign of terror.

Your spectators try to pick out the Monster card when the cards are faces down but they simply cannot find him, and instead they get a Halloween Pumpkin every time.

Where is Halloween Monster? Why, he has vanished completely.

Amazingly you now reproduce him from the most unlikely place!

Cards can now be left for examination, very easy to do requiring no skill.

Comes with instructions and special laminated picture cards: Jumbo size for stand-up shows or Table-Hopping Pro size, choose the size you prefer.

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