Treasure Chest - Table-hopping Size Cards

Treasure Chest - Table-hopping Size Cards

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A wonderful NEW presentation based on a version of Just Chance; this will delight your audiences. A playing card is selected but it appears that you are having trouble finding it so you offer the audience member the chance to win a major prize!

You show several laminated cards, each of which has the picture of an attractive prize to be won by the lucky audience member, things like a cheque for a million, holiday in Spain, shopping trip to Paris etc. Each card has a colourful looking treasure chest on the opposite side.

Cards are available in Jumbo Size or Table Hopping Size) large enough for the pictures to be clearly seen.

The cards are mixed and several of them are eliminated until only one is left for the spectator; however they are in for a big surprise for instead of receiving one of the major prizes they receive...but that would be giving the game away;

The chosen card is magically revealed in a totally unexpected way!

Treasure Chest is perfect to perform for parlour, table-hopping and larger audiences. It is also easy to do.

Two different and practical presentations are fully explained.

Comes with eight laminated size pictures in the size you choose (Jumbo or Table Hopping size), which can be examined as none of them are faked in any way, routine & instructions. The selected card can be changed for repeat performances. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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