Alexander The Man who Knows Playing Cards Trick- giant A4 size

Alexander The Man who Knows Playing Cards Trick- giant A4 size

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Show your audience the striking poster of Claude Alexander Colin (1915 -1954) Stage Mentalist, Mindreader, Charlatan, Bootlegger, Bigamist, Murderer and Magician who claimed to have the answer to all life’s problems, and it was also stated he was the highest paid entertainer in the USA reportedly having earned millions of dollars with his theatre-filling shows.

He also knew a few good card tricks as well! Blindfold Alexander by placing him into a large envelope while you have a playing card selected from your deck of 52.

The complete pack is spread face-up over the Alexander’s poster and the whole deck allowed to drop onto the table or floor leaving the correct chosen card mysteriously attached to Alexander’s picture!

No skill is required, if you can force a card (and we include a good method in the instructions) you will be able to perform this awesome trick straight away.

The laminated reproduction of Alexander’s poster (which can be examined) is available in two sizes your choice of either Jumbo A5 size or Giant A4 and with care should last you your magical lifetime.

Comes with a laminated reproduction of Alexander The Man Who Knows poster (A4 sized), envelope, a few Bicycle playing cards & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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