Baby & Queen

Baby & Queen

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I predict that you are going to use this mini combination of two comedy effects more than any other trick that you own.

What do people say when they know you are a magician? In my experience they say, “Show us a trick!” To which I sometimes reply, “I will show you a mini miracle that I carry in my pockets for occasions like this.” From my pocket I take two mini-sized envelopes and lay them on the table or someone’s palms.

Explaining on the back of one envelope I have written a single word asking someone, “Do you know what that word is?” “No”, they reply, “Correct!” I say, turning the envelope over to show the word ‘NO’ boldly printed on the back. To which I remark, “You are a better mindreader than I am!”

At this point I tell them there is a picture of a well-known TV or film star inside the envelope. Asking them to name their favourite celebrity I remove a small, cute baby picture and say it is a picture of their named star at two years old, claiming, “This is miracle number two!”

Next, I force a playing card asking if they would be surprised if the prediction card, I have inside envelope number two, duplicated their card.

Eventually I pull out the classic of magic the 52 on 1 card and point to their playing card upon it, claiming, “Miracle number three!” I then ask the participant to name their playing card pointing out there is a single face down card on the 52 card and I turn over the 52 card to reveal the very card just named on its back, “Miracle number four!” always to amazement, laughter and applause.

Comes with laminated handy mini picture cards, two mini envelopes & instructions. Use your own regular deck of playing cards.

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