Santa Fantasy Table-hopping size cards

Santa Fantasy Table-hopping size cards

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Tricks and routines concerning Father Christmas are popular with children and adults all year around. This is one they will love.

You show four pictures of Santa each with his bag of toys, explaining that one of them is the real Father Christmas and can be identified by his different coloured back from the other three, further explaining that some people can pick out the real Santa just from the pictures.

You say you will test someone out today, you can now choose the birthday child, or some other child such as the one that has been helping you with your magic or you can have the entire audience, “Showing hands for the real Santa by numbering 1, 2, 3 and 4”, depending on the occasion at which you are performing.

Either way, the chosen picture is left in full view (no switch), perhaps held by a boy or girl while you show that the backs of the rejected Santas have the same coloured back design; proving all three are phoney.

When the child then shows the back of the freely selected Santa (no force) amazingly it is the only one with a different coloured back among the four Santa pictures. Proving to your audience that the participant has successfully found the REAL and proof positive that Santa will be delivering everyone their gifts on Christmas day!

Comes complete with instructions and laminated picture cards in table-hopping size suitable for small audiences.

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