Santa & the Christmas Trees - Jumbo A5 Cards

Santa & the Christmas Trees - Jumbo A5 Cards

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An exciting effect to feature in your Christmas Show or at any time of the year, Santa is popular with all ages!

A small child is given a paper bag to hold, and you show some colourful pictures of Santa with his bag of toys; the other pictures are of Christmas Trees.

You turn the Santa picture face down and give it to a second child to hold in full view, explaining that Santa will vanish and re-appear inside the paper bag held by the first child. The audience say your magic words and the child turns the Santa picture to the front, but something has gone wrong Santa is no longer in the picture, a Christmas tree has taken his place. Furthermore, the bag is completely empty. “Where can he be?”

You show you are only holding the extra Christmas tree pictures – Santa cannot be found. Suddenly the audience are shouting and pointing to draw your attention that Santa is bobbing up and down among the spare tree pictures you hold.

You can now repeat the above sequence again it’s great fun, & then yet again but on the last vanish of Santa; he re- appears in a totally unexpected manner elsewhere in the room, or on your back, or the back of one of the participating children just as you wish.

Comes with the laminated cards Table-hopping size for Close up & small audiences, and A5 Jumbo size for larger audiences & instructions.

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