Football Match Prediction

Football Match Prediction

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You show three jumbo cards each with a different football pools symbol upon them ‘1’ standing for a HOME WIN, ‘2’ standing for an AWAY WIN and ‘X’ standing for a DRAW.

The three cards are displayed resting against three tumblers with their football symbols facing the audience or when working close-up they can be placed in a face-up row upon the table.

The spectators now name two football teams deciding which will be the home team and which will be the away team. You announce that a game will be played between these teams for a prize of a Football Cup and you display a picture of a suitable gold cup.

A referee is now selected from the audience who is to decide if the home team or the away team wins, or if it will be a draw.

There is now loads of fun and banter as the audience join in trying to influence the referee into awarding the Football Cup to their favourite team.

Your referee is requested to make a decision and can even change their mind at the last minute awarding a foul or a free kick as they desire.

Eventually they have a free choice of awarding the Football Cup to one of the teams or declaring a draw and when your prediction is read out loud it is found that you have correctly predicted either the winning team or a draw exactly as the referee has decided!

This is a fun item – football is always exceptionally popular and the audience participation gives Football Match Prediction fantastic appeal; climaxed by your baffling correct prediction of the results that is a completely free choice, no force, it can be different every time you perform it!

Comes with the laminated cards & instructions.

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