Zenner Maze - Jumbo size

Zenner Maze - Jumbo size

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You show five cards each of which has a different ESP. or Zenner symbol printed onto it. You also show a further card that you place back outwards in full view. This is your prediction card.

Any complete stranger in the audience is invited to stand and invited to call out any of the five Zenner symbols, i.e., Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square or Star. The cards are turned over and your prediction proves to be 100% correct. Can immediately be repeated with a different Symbol.

A truly amazing effect that will stun both magicians and laymen alike! Complete & ready to work. Cards are laminated for lifetimes use.

Effect: You show the audience a set of five Zenner symbols. You also place one or two further cards – sight unseen and back out, in full view where everyone can keep an eye on them. These you claim are your “Prediction card(s)”.

A spectator is asked to stand and name any one of the 5 Zenner symbols, Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square or Star. This card is openly removed and placed next to your first prediction card. This can also be repeated with a second spectator if you so wish (optional). This card is also openly removed and placed along side your second prediction. Everything is clearly open and above board.

When the card(s) are turned around, you have correctly predicted both freely chosen signs!

A Miracle type effect, works every time. No Skill is required. No One Ahead. The results are different at every show.

Comes complete and ready to work with cards suitable for stand-up performances.

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