The QUEEN is Alway Correct - Table-Hopping size

The QUEEN is Alway Correct - Table-Hopping size

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We supply the special printed card for this novel effect in the size that you choose.

A single card is placed face down as your prediction while a spectator chooses a playing card from your own or a borrowed deck.

Dramatically you turn the displayed prediction card over showing it is the Queen of Spades, your audience think that you have failed and will probably tell you so.

You ask the name of the chosen card, and he says, “The four of diamonds.”

“The Queen is never wrong” you claim, “Look at what she is holding in her left hand!” He does just that and finds she is holding a mini four of diamonds!

The special card we supply is laminated and will last you for a great many years.

If you can force a card, you can perform this stunner immediately. If you don’t know a good card force, we supply an easy one in the instructions.

Only a limited number of this superb novelty card have been printed, so please order early to avoid disappointment. You will find many entertaining ways of using it.

Comes with instructions and the special printed card available in three sizes: Table-hopping for close-up, Jumbo size and Giant (for your stand-up shows). Use your own pack of playing cards.

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