3 Times Predicted - table-hopping cards

3 Times Predicted - table-hopping cards

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This is a fun routine that is ideal as an opener or anywhere in your act you want to put in some light relief.

Show your audience an envelope explaining that inside is a single large playing card which is your prediction.

Then from a red-backed Bicycle deck have a playing card selected (really you force it in your favourite manner; if you don’t know how to this, we include a good one in the instructions).

Ask the chooser what colour the back of their card is, they tell you, “Red.” You show the card inside the envelope and your prediction card is seen to have a red matching back as you quip, “Correct – ta-dah!”

Seeing the audience is a little underwhelmed you offer to show their chosen card on the face side of your prediction card. They name it and you turn the prediction card over to show every card in the deck is depicted as you point out their card, “Ta-dah!”

“But” you state, “Perhaps the chosen card is a bit small for you to see amongst the rest of the small deck.” so you turn the card over, and the correct card is revealed in a larger size, as you boast, “Three successful predictions in quick succession – ta-dah!”

Remember, they saw a red back first – then the face, and finally a large duplicate of the chosen card on the back. Great fun magic for your audience.

Comes complete with table-hopping sized playing cards & instructions.

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