Triple Coincidence

Triple Coincidence

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A stunning mental mystery that has no equal.

First performed by Al Koran on British Television.

Jack Silver a magic dealer from Scotland first taught this clever method to me. Silver also included this in the instructions for a Louise Histed effect he marketed called ‘Eye of the Cyclops’, now a popular Magictrix exclusive.

Al Koran featured this Louise Histed item in an earlier TV programme, so it may well have been where he originally found the effect.

I have been told that Billy O’Connor first published the idea, but I have not been able to confirm this.

A pack of playing cards, three slips of paper and a pen are all that is used in this outstanding effect. You appear to have the ability to look into three spectators’ minds and discover secret thought-of numbers and then using Numerology and a phenomenal memory you correctly predict the cards that will appear at each of their lucky numbers!

This little-known method is a true reputation-maker, which can be performed impromptu.

Having performed this myself for many years I have added an applause-pulling climax that has never failed to bring the house down.

The general effect is also suitable with Tarot cards for those that like to give readings.

Comes with a special Bicycle deck & instructions
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