Comedy Card Stab

Comedy Card Stab

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My old pal Reg King made a few of these up several years ago, when we ran Kingtrix in Stoke-on-Trent.

We had a lot of fun with them and when I luckily came across several of the correct type of Tricky Knife, I was pleased to offer them to my customers once again.

A playing card is chosen by a spectator and shuffled, unseen by you, back into the deck which is then spread and mixed a little more, faces down across the table.

You show a silver-bladed dagger with which you claim you will stab the chosen card, and dramatically display it on the table for the entertainment of the spectators.

You further explain that this is a very dangerous trick, and you may be injured so in case of mishaps could you please have your applause first. At this point the audience will give you polite clapping.

To which you say wryly, “If that’s all you think accidentally stabbing myself is worth, it’s hardly worth the risk!”

Eventually you get the audience to promise they will bring the house down with applause if your trick is successful at the end.

Holding the cards flat on the table with one hand your other hand holds the dagger; you wave it mysteriously over the cards and suddenly strike down with the blade, apparently going straight through your other hand as you shout OUCH!

When the blade is withdrawn it is covered in red blood, and among this mess on the knife, also in blood, are the initials of the selected card!

Comes with a suitable card force, Tricky Knife (approx 7”, 18cms long) & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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