The Shy Ghost

The Shy Ghost

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An entertaining effect that is ideal for Halloween, parties and events all year round, being easy to do, always ready to perform and packs flat in you briefcase.

Telling your audience that you have a picture of a ghost you offer to show it, providing the children will not be too frightened. They assure you they will not and so you show a picture of a pink ghost with glaring red eyes and sharp Dracula style teeth.

You explain his name is Spooky and he is actually very shy and a little bit scared of human beings, especially children who shout “Boo!” to frighten him. Thus informed the audience and especially the children will soon be shouting loud boos to scare him.

The next time you show Spooky he has turned white with fear, so you get the audience to apologise, and he turns back to his natural colour of pink. This scene can be repeated as often as you wish; “boo” and he turns to white, apologise and he turns back into a pink ghost.

The boys and girls realise you are just turning the picture around and showing the opposite side with a white ghost on it, so soon they are demanding that you show the opposite side. You make the children even more suspicious when you are reluctant to do so.

Eventually after turning the picture this way and that, in the wrong directions, you show the back has a picture of a BLUE ghost for your completely unexpected climax! Picture cards are about A5 jumbo sized and laminated to give you and your audiences many years of magical fun. No flaps are involved. No skill required.

Comes complete with A5 jumbo picture cards, envelope & instructions.

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