Going Bananas - JUMBO size cards

Going Bananas - JUMBO size cards

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A comedy effect using pictures of bananas.

You show four cards each with a picture of a ripe yellow banana, and leave one with its colourful back design on display, explaining that you will keep one banana for yourself for later. Offering to show the audience your favourite effect using the other three bananas you again show the first banana to the audience; but what is this, they are soon telling you the the banana is now half peeled.

Continuing with your “three banana trick” you are perplexed that each of them is now half-peeled. “Who is peeling my bananas?” you appeal, pointing at a likely audience member or two and asking, “Is it you?” they all reply, “NO!”

Picking up the card the has been placed earlier for yourself, and has been in view of the audience from the start. It is a picture of a cheeky-looking monkey holding your first banana peeled ready for him to eat, as you comment, “Now we know who has been messing with my bananas its Joey the naughty monkey, well I have to forgive him, he always always said that he cannot resist bananas, because they have got lots of appeal!”

You can order this charming trick in two sizes; Jumbo size for stand-up shows, and table-hopping size for smaller audiences. Just a little handling practice is required. You will probably learn it in twenty minutes.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards & instructions.

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