Mini Magic Hats packet of five

Mini Magic Hats packet of five

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Mini Magic Hat is the ideal way to vanish, change & reproduce small articles such as silks, ribbons, small papers, torn off corners of playing cards & banknotes.

I use one as a finger puppet, explaining to a small child that I have fairies at the bottom of my garden and they have their own Santa Claus who I have caught in my hands. They see the hat moving around from between my hands as if Santa is trying to escape.

I let the child hold the white bobble on top of the hat to try and catch mini Santa, then open my hands and they are left holding the hat - Santa has used his magic to escape.

Children love it.

Using a thumb tip, (not supplied) Vanish a silk in the hat and have the empty hat examined only to cause the silk to magically reappear in the examined hat!

Great for close-up & table hopping. While ideal for your Christmas shows, you are not confined to the holiday season with these super novel hats; use them at any time of the year as mini magic hats that belong to your magic pixies to very good effect.

With two hats you could cause a small silk handkerchief to vanish from one hat on the finger of one child to reappear inside a second hat on the finger of another child on the opposite side of the stage, room or table. The sets of hats supplied would be perfect to perform hunt the silk which magically jumps from one hat to the other.

Or a clever version of Just Chance in which the spectators get just a piece of paper while you win a £20 banknote. (Use any currency).

Comes with Mini Magic Hats (approx 5 inches long with a mouth opening of 2 inches) & instructions. Use your own silks & ribbons.

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