Royale Card Choice

Royale Card Choice

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You place a small envelope in full view explaining that it contains six red-backed playing cards. You then display the faces of six BLUE-backed cards that you explain are duplicates of the red-backed cards.

The blue-backed cards are now mixed, cut and a spectator now names a number between one and six (or rolls a dice) and that card is turned face up in the blue-backed packet for all to see.

The envelope is now opened and the red-backed cards are withdrawn, faces down with one card being face upwards. Amazingly this is the exact duplicate of the face-up card in the blue-backed packet and is in exactly the same position amongst the other five cards!

A stunning and surprising effect using Bicycle poker size cards, that is very easy to do. The card is always different each time you perform it. Envelope is completely unfaked. A miracle in the right hands.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker-sized playing cards, envelope & instructions.

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