Wand, Rings & Cords - Just remade now better than ever!.

Wand, Rings & Cords - Just remade now better than ever!.

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This has been one of my favourite close-up tricks for many years. Just remade & I find myself wanting to performing it again and again I cannot put it down

Based on a version of the ‘Walking through a rope’ effect, I have adapted it to close-quarter performances; it will be wonderful in your shows.

The props consist of a mini traditional-looking magic black & white wand together with two long pieces of multi-coloured cord. They make a colourful display but take up very little room in your pocket, where they are always ready to perform.

Since nothing is faked in any way, they may be carefully examined. Everything is present for a truly baffling mystery.

Three audience members help to tie the mini wand onto two lengths of coloured cord. Then they borrow a few finger rings from your audience which are threaded onto the cords and held in one spectator’s clenched fist which is also tied by the cords for more security.

The other two spectators hold the ends of the cords, it is obvious the threaded rings cannot escape, the mini magic wand is waved and the participants holding the cord ends pull them tight.

Incredibly the two cords penetrate the spectator’s hand leaving the rings tightly gripped inside his fist! Everything can be again passed for examination with no clue to your mystery.

This streamlined version is based on a routine that I originally learned just after the second World War and is based on the famous Magic Washing trick featured by some of the big illusionists of the past, including Dante and many others.

A big feature close-up illusion that is easy-to-do and is always ready to perform.

Comes with multicoloured cords, mini magic wand (approx 3.75”, 9.75cms long) Practice rings & instructions.

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