Animal Touch

Animal Touch

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An exciting display of Animal Magnetism

A great effect with not just one but FIVE exciting climaxes!

Please note this is NOT a spelling trick, nor is it based on a force.

You show two sets of five animal cards, each with a different animal on them Sets do vary but the set in front of me is two each of a Dog, Cat,Giraffe,Monkey & Elephant.

You explain that you will try a sort of test of a Animal Magnetism; as practiced by Noah in his Ark. The idea being to match each animal with its mate.

The two piles are placed face down, each pile containing one of each animal

Your spectator matches various face down cards just by touching them, until all are matched

Explaining that two animals usually match by chance, but more than two matching is proof of a level of natural Animal Magnetism.

When they turn each pair of cards over, you show the participant has amazingly matched each Animal with their mate exactly.

Dog with Dog, Elephant with Elephant and so on.! Proof indeed of the audience members Animal Magnetism abilities.

Animal Touch is easy to do, and everything can be left for examination.

No marked cards or sleights are involved.

Based on our popular ESP Touch, You’ll learn this in less than ten minutes then carry it with you everywhere. Comes complete with ten laminated Table-Hopping size picture cards, suggested routine & instructions.

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