Terror at the Cinema

Terror at the Cinema

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Recent studies tell us that when watching horror films, your brain feels it has accomplished surviving a scary situation, even though it knows you were never in any real danger to begin with. Going through a frightening experience in a controlled, safe environment can help to establish confidence in yourself.”

You tell your audience the above while displaying a packet of laminated table-hopping sized picture cards featuring posters for horror films.

“Mostly,” you continue, “we watch such movies in the company of other people, so can I have four people brave enough to participate in this scary mystery?”

You pass the packet of pictures to one of the volunteers to examine and thoroughly mix and shuffle. Then your four, “Victims er volunteers” take a few posters each and mentally select one of the scary films, locking its name inside their mind.

No force is used and the participants simply think of any of the posters and then shuffle the cards, which are again collected into a single pile which you mix and shuffle once more.

You now call out a few of the scary film titles asking if any of the participants’ thought-of title is among them to raise their arm. When they do so, and without hesitation or questions, amazingly you are able to reveal their thought of film in different entertaining ways that we explain in the instructions!

No marked cards, in fact, the backs are all blank. This is mental entertainment at its best. Easy to do, so you can concentrate on the presentation using your best showmanship to reveal their absolutely free mental choice. No skill or memory work is required.

Comes complete with sixteen poster picture cards (approx 5.75 x 4”, 14.5 x 10cms) & instructions.

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