The Persuanist

The Persuanist

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Explaining to your audience that you have been, “Studying the gentle art of persuasion,” you offer to give a demonstration on two spectators, showing three different coloured envelopes explaining that one has a cheque to the value of your fee for the evening, (perhaps £1,000) but stipulate your own amount.

On the front of each envelope you have written an item of high value, such as a wallet with £1,000 pounds in it, or an expensive designer watch value £1,000, or a case of Champagne or whisky value £1,000 pounds, which you explain that the winner would be able to secure with your signed cheque made out to cash. Your two participants are to have a free choice of colour or prize; your job you claim is to protect your fee.

Each spectator takes their turn to select one of the three envelopes; you in turn try to confuse them and get them to change their mind.

The participants final choices are opened and shown to be a losers, each containing a single sheet of paper with ‘Sorry the red envelope was a loser’ or ‘Good try but green is not the winner’. Or similar words you write boldly.

You are left with the third envelope from which you dramatically take out your signed cheque on which you have written in bold black ink ‘Please pay the bearer of this cheque one thousand pounds.’!

Comes with three quality specially gimmicked coloured envelopes (approx 6.5 x 4.5”, 16 x 11.5cms, colours may vary) & instructions. Use your own cheques made out to any amount, also you write on the blank papers supplied.

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