Bikini Girls Prediction

Bikini Girls Prediction

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Ask any psychologist “Why do girls wear bikinis in public?” They will possibly reply, “It helps them to improve their confidence.”
No matter, it will help your confidence as a magician or mentalist, to perform this interesting effect using eight beautiful young women in sexy bikinis. The laminated picture cards are freely shuffled and cut many times by members of the audience and you write out (or draw) your prediction which you leave in full view, never touching it again.
With a spectator holding the pictures in their own hands, they eliminate seven of the pictures keeping one as their choice.
Someone reads out your prediction, ‘You will choose the beautiful Emma.’ but your prediction makes no sense as your audience have no idea which of the eight girls Emma is supposed to be. If you wish your prediction could be your drawing of a girl wearing a bikini that looks nothing like any of the girls - but has the prediction name written below it.
However, everything becomes clear at the end when you turn the girls over and show the various names printed on the backs such as Joan, Liz, Jean etc.
The selected picture is turned over and amazingly proves to be an exact match of your prediction!
The name is changed by chance at every performance. Easy to do. No sleight of hand is used. Everything examined by the audience before and after.

Comes with eight picture cards of girls in bikinis (approx 5.75 x 3.75”, 14.5 x 10cms) & instructions. Use your own paper & pen for your prediction.

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