Animal Mystery - Close up size cards

Animal Mystery - Close up size cards

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You show two piles of twelve matching animal pictures, one pack with red backs and the other pack with blue backs making a total of 24 picture cards.

A spectator chooses one set and holds it flat on the table underneath his palm. You take the second set and have two pictures freely selected by audience members, who after selection turn their cards face upwards and insert them back into the face down pack they came from.

The spectator is guarding the first packet (let’s say these are blue-backed pictures) and another volunteer is holding the other packet (let’s say red-backed pictures) into which the freely chosen pictures have been inserted face upwards. Please note at this point you stand away from the picture cards and your back is turned instructing the two participants what they are to do.

Both of them simultaneously turn over the top cards one at a time from their respective packets and at no time do any pictures match each other. That is until one of them reaches a face-up picture (freely selected) and when the picture in the same position in the guarded packet is turned over both cards match each other.

Then a mystic wave of your hands and it is found that each and every one of the twelve sets of cartoon animals suddenly match their mates, for your second bewildering applause-pulling climax!

Dead easy to do and a winner with audiences every time.

Comes complete with 24 unfaked laminated animal picture cards & instructions.

Only £9.99

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