Alien Magic from the Planet of Mr E

Alien Magic from the Planet of Mr E

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The Earth’s magical inventors had completely run out of ideas for new magic, plots and tricks, luckily aliens from the planet ‘Mr E‘ quickly came to their aid by visiting and performing a brand new magical effect, which is what we are offering with a unique and amusing patter routine.

Two sets of picture cards depicting different coloured alien heads are shown. Amazingly a spectator magically sorts them into sets of two matching alien heads! No, this is NOT the usual popular spelling trick.

Together with our funny patter story, this is a highly entertaining and completely mystifying trick requiring no skill as everything is done by the volunteer as you tell your amusing story. You don’t have to be a comedian, the laughs come naturally from our exclusive routine.

Greatly improved method used.
No special skills are required.
No spelling involved.
No marked cards.
The routine builds to a fantastic climax with five different applause points at the finish.
Everything can be examined and handled by your audience.
Only a limited number available so please order NOW.

Comes complete with ten table-hopping sized picture cards (approx 5.5 x 3.75”, 14 x 6.5cms) & instructions.

Only £12.99

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