Vanishing Reappearing Rabbit - Jumbo size cards

Vanishing Reappearing Rabbit - Jumbo size cards

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A children's show goody - a delightful effect in which the picture of a rabbit sandwiched between two pictures of magical top hats disappears without a trace; only to reappear later in a completely unexpected place as a cute cut-out character.

Can also be performed as a Monte Style effect where the children try to guess which is the rabbit and which is a top hat, they fail every time until the rabbit has vanished completely, only to turn up again in a totally unexpected manner!

Children love it, parents love it and pensioners love it. The magic is first class. You will really like Vanishing & Reappearing Rabbit. Very easy to do. This will probably be the biggest hit in your show.

Comes with laminated picture cards in Jumbo A5 (approx 8 x 5”, 20 x 13cms) for stand-up shows & instructions.

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