Symbolic Symbol Prediction

Symbolic Symbol Prediction

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Based on the forgotten magic of master showman Maurice Fogel.

You as the master mentalist write your prediction and also hand out eight empty envelopes for examination. Next you show eight separate cards each with a different ESP style symbol which are quickly slipped into the opaque envelopes, which in turn are then sealed and mixed so that no one knows which symbol is in each envelope.

You now hold up four envelopes in each hand and audience members nominate which four envelopes are discarded (absolutely no force). Then you hold two envelopes in each hand and two more are audience eliminated, leaving you with one envelope in each hand and again the onlookers decide which one is to be discarded, only one is left, in this manner it is obvious that everything has been done in the cleanest and fairest way.

Any spectator now reads your prediction out loud, the symbol card is displayed and incredibly you are 100% correct!

The trick is very easy to do so you can devote all your energies to the presentation of this clever, amazing and baffling effect. The outfit we supply will last you for years, (the symbols supplied are different to the ones in the illustration) all the cards are laminated to ensure excellent long service.

Comes with laminated ESP cards (approx 5.25 x 3.75”, 13.5 x 9.5cms), unfaked envelopes & instructions.

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