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Eddie used this wonderful fun item in many of his close-up and walkabout shows. It has everything; novelty, comedy, audience participation and mystery! It is always ready to perform without any re-set or advanced preparation whatsoever.

It’s the tale of what happens to you after a night out drinking whisky. To an amusing story, you introduce to your spectators some laminated picture cards each depicting a glass of whisky.

During the routine that follows you claim to keep track of how many double whiskies you have drunk by checking the cards.

Amazingly the two piles of whisky pictures magically change places with each other. Moreover, please note this can all happen in the spectator’s own hands!

If this doesn’t get their attention, nothing will. This is a killer effect. Try it once and we promise that you will become addicted to performing Whisky regularly, anywhere at anytime.

It is always ready to go and can be performed at a moment’s notice. Can go right in your pocket where it will always be ready to perform.

Comes complete with laminated whisky picture cards & instructions.

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