A Letter From Mum

A Letter From Mum

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Here is a comedy card trick that simply has no equal.

Use it anywhere, anytime. It is perfect for stage, cabaret, television, compere work or the comedy magician. I originally performed it at a comedy Red Nose event at a Student Union show and it brought the house down.

A playing card is chosen by an audience member and you introduce a sealed envelope addressed to you which you claim is a letter from your mum who is an amazing clairvoyant and you can read it out loud or allow a member of the audience to do so.

During the course of the letter your mother apparently casually reveals the name of the selected playing card chosen by a member of your audience (or have a prediction card in the envelope.) But not until you have gone through a series of clean comedy situations mentioned in the letter.

You don’t have to be a comedian to get the belly laughs and should you wish to you could get a member of the audience to read it out loud for you.

We cannot tell you more except the letter is absolutely hilarious and truly great fun. I carried it in my briefcase for many years and it warmed up more than one cold audience, putting everyone in the right frame of mind for the rest of my show.

The letter is typed in large print that is easy to read and we include in the instructions an easy force of the playing card, or if you have a favourite force you can easily adapt it to this comedy routine.

Comes with comedy A5 size letter, envelope & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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