Bewildering ESP

Bewildering ESP

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A stunning mental effect with six ESP symbol cards these being a Circle, Cross, Wavy lines, Square and Triangle.

The cards are placed into a spectator’s hands and they mix them to their heart’s content while your back is turned, so you cannot see what is happening.

The spectator thinks of any one of the signs, without any force being used, then isolates the other five cards in an examinable opaque envelope and conceals the freely selected symbol between their own two hands.

Despite the strict conditions imposed, you are able with your back turned to reveal the freely chosen sign either verbally or by drawing it boldly on an unfaked writing pad!

A startling effect that will help to build your reputation as an outstanding mentalist or magician.

Please note the following points; no force is used and nothing is written down. No mirrors or reflections. No secret stooges or assistants are involved. The spectator can be some distance away from you when your back is turned.

Comes complete with six ESP cards (approx 3.5 x 2.5”, 9 x 6cms) unfaked envelope & instructions.

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