Cats 'n' Dogs - close-up cards

Cats 'n' Dogs - close-up cards

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An amusing story effect in which you try to explain why it always rains Cats 'n' Dogs in Manchester (or any other town or city that you may choose)!

You show four cards each with a picture of a cat and a further four each depicting a picture of a dog. The cards are completely unfaked and may be examined by any audience member. The cards are laminated for long life.

The four dog cards are placed in one pile and the four cats into a second pile. To an amusing patter story the cats and dogs repeatedly change places – seeming to jump from one pile to the other! It really is bewildering to watch but oh-so-easy-to-do.

Close-up magic is the coming trend as opportunities for stage and cabaret engagements continue to become less and less available. This is one of the most entertaining routines available today. Both you and your audiences will love it. There is no special set-up, just take the cards from your pocket – show them and you are all ready to go.

Cats ‘n’ Dogs is a wonderful effect for walkabout and similar engagements.

Comes complete with cards, instructions and an amusing patter routine that explains why it always rains cats and dogs in Manchester!

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