Squeakarama - Mouse models version

Squeakarama - Mouse models version

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You show three cute models of mice which when they are squeezed two of them squeak and one remains silent.

Now follows an interesting and entertaining game in which the spectators try to pick out the one that has lost its squeak, they never can – unless you allow them to do so!

At any time the participants can squeeze a mouse themselves but they can never win with Eddie’s improved routine!

It is a whole lot of fun – just when the audience think they have caught you out you lead them up the garden path fooling them easily!

This superb close up mystery fits into your pocket and is always ready to perform. Very easy to do!

Note: The three mice you receive will all be the same colour as each other - but colours of sets do vary

Comes complete with three squeaky mice (approx 2.25", 5.5cm long excluding tale), Eddie's routine, instructions & extra ideas.

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