Mento Card Mystery

Mento Card Mystery

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A clever reputation-making card effect

You show your deck of playing cards, drawing attention to the different suits, values and the fact that the cards are well mixed.

You now give them a genuine riffle shuffle and also a genuine overhand shuffle to mix them further then both you and a spectator cut the pack several times to mix them even more.

Following all this, a spectator takes one card and shows it all around without letting you see it, once everyone has remembered the card it is replaced anywhere in the deck which is then freely shuffled, mixed and cut to lose the chosen card.

Now any stranger without any previous information on your part tells you their name, let’s say it is John Hughes, the cards are now spelled a letter at a time J –O-H–N and you stop spelling, asking John if he wishes to cut the pack at this point or continue to spell, let’s say he cuts the pack and completes his cut.

You might ask if he wishes you to continue spelling his surname or his mother’s maiden name.

Let’s say he decides on his mother’s maiden name which he informs you is Bailey. You continue slowly spelling and dealing: B-A-I-L-E-Y; it is clear that you use no sleight of hand or mis-spelling.

He now names his card and you invite him to turn over the last card - it is the very card he has just named!

An easy to do miracle-type effect! No rough & smooth and the perfect close-up stunner.

You will be able to perform Mento Card Mystery ten minutes after reading the instructions.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions. 

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