Crash Thru' - NEW Lower Price!

Crash Thru' - NEW Lower Price!

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The incredible visual penetration of a ball (or die) into a sealed clear plastic box!

A clear solid plastic box is given for examination together with a solid ball. The lid is placed onto the box and this is secured by elastic bands in both directions.

Taking back the ball you tap the box in various places – when suddenly the ball is seen to be inside the solid and still secure box! This happens right before the spectator’s eyes and right under their very noses.

Please note the following points:
*The box and the ball are unfaked & not prepared in any way – take it right out of your pocket and perform it.
*Only one box and one ball are used, no switching.
*The audience can examine everything both before and after this fabulous effect.
*Totally baffling and yet easy to do, the ideal pocket trick.
*No set-up, always ready to perform – perfect for walkabout.

Comes complete with ball and box all ready to perform.
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