Money Paddle

Money Paddle

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View a video here

View a video here

Here is a fantastic effect that will knock their eyes out!
You show a small wooden paddle to be blank on both sides explaining that it is your very special “money making machine” place a small coin, let’s say a penny piece under a rubber band and wham – you now have TWO penny pieces!

Try it with a five pence piece and wham – you have two five pence pieces. Try it again with a twenty-pence piece and wham – you again have two coins!

Take all six coins and pass them to be examined – wham there is a genuine five-pound note on the bat, “where did that come from?” they ask. “The same place as the twenty-pound note!” you reply and wham – there is now a twenty-pound note under the rubber bands on the bat.

“Please tell us how it is done.” They will all be dying to know, “It’s all done by mirrors!” you reply and wham – there is a row of small mirrors firmly inlaid into the paddle!

This is a real winner for your close-up and walkabout shows. It uses the well-known ‘paddle move’ so if you already know this, then you are almost there!

Please don’t confuse our model with any cheap plastic one.

Comes with the nicely made quality wood Money Paddle (approx 15 x 3cms), black velvet carrying case complete with a little pocket for rubber bands & instructions.

Only £14.99

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